Production by Volume led by Chinese, but LafargeHolcim Largest by Sales and EBITDA

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The Chinese companies rank highly on volumes based rankings:

  • CNBM (291mt) and Anhui Conch (277mt) were the largest producers of cement in 2016. LafargeHolcim (233mt) was the third largest.
  • CNBM (74 m3) was also the largest ready-mixed concrete company, with Lafarge Holcim (55 m3) the second largest.
  • On a pro-forma basis, including Italcementi for a full year, Heidelberg (287mt) was the largest aggregates company globally in 2016, but was only slightly larger than LafargeHolcim (283mt) and CRH (275mt).

On a value basis CNBM and Anhui Conch only ranked 5 and 6 in 2016 sales ($m) and 6 and 4 respectively in EBITDA ($m).

LafargeHolcim had the largest sales ($27.5bn)  and EBITDA ($5.9bn) of any cement company globally in 2016. Its sales were almost three times those of the largest Chinese company CNBM, and its EBITDA was more than double that of Anhui Conch, which had a higher EBITDA than CNBM.

Heidelberg had the second highest sales and EBITDA.

Cemex has fallen down the rankings in recent years as the industry has consolidated and it has needed to divest businesses to reduce its debt. It still ranks between 3 and 5 on the individual rankings, but is often considerably smaller than the top ranked companies. For example in cement, where its 2016 shipments were less than one quarter those of the largest company.

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