Exclusions and Limitation of Liability

All reports by Data Based Analysis (“DBA”) are intended for general information purposes only and they are not substitutes for detailed investigations and/or appropriate due diligence procedures. Accordingly, DBA’s reports and their contents should not be relied upon for the purposes of any investment decision nor for any commercial transaction.

DBA is not regulated by the Financial Control Authority. It therefore cannot and does not offer investment advice and nothing in this report is intended to be a recommendation to buy or sell shares or to make any other investment decision.

DBA may update the content of its reports from time to time but assumes no obligation to do so and no warranty is given as to the accuracy of the contents of its reports.

On all matters on which DBA provides information or services for you, your relationship will be solely with DBA, not with any director, officer or employee of DBA. Accordingly, no director, officer or employee of DBA will be personally liable to you in contract or tort (for example, negligence or misrepresentation) or otherwise and any duty of care which any such director, officer or employee would otherwise owe to you or any person or company associated with you is hereby excluded. Each director, officer and employee of DBA shall be entitled to the benefit of this exclusion of liability but DBA’s contract with you may be varied or terminated without their consent.

So as to provide a cost effective service for its client’s DBA’s total potential liability is limited to £100,000 (whether such liability arises by reason of contract, negligence or otherwise). Should you wish to increase the potential liability of DBA in respect of any particular matter, please contact DBA as this shall need to be subject to a separate written agreement and additional charges.