• Cement shipments in October 2021 were higher than in October 2020 in 6 of the 11 countries for which data is currently available, but fell in the other five countries. • Sequentially, comparing the percentage changes in October with those in September, the percentage was lower in October in 7 of the 11 countries.…

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Around 6% Boost to Cement/Aggregate Demand, but Probably not Fully Until 2025

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Cemex has formally reduced its guidance from an H2 EBITDA of around $1.6bn to about $1.5bn and highlighted the uncertainty about Q4. Our trading update discussions with other companies have caused us to cut our full-year estimates more broadly. Higher costs, particularly for energy are exceeding price increases. We expect the resulting downward pressure on…

Capacity data, Market shares, Sales & EBITDA split by country