Importance of energy costs. Types of fuels used. Data on fuel and electricity costs. Company guidance on 2019 energy costs

Comparative data on 4 major emissions (Carbon, nitrogen, sulphur and dust). Carbon Cap and Trade systems

Economics of new plants. Capacity utilisation rates (2007, 2013, 2019E, 2022E) globally, regionally and for major countries

Estimates and forecasts for cement consumption (tonnes and per capta) for 2018-2022 in more than 100 countries

Latest cement price data for more than 100 countries

Total traded volumes and importance of top 3 companies. Leading exporting and importing countries. Freight rates and traded prices. Cost of US imports

Cost cutting achieved and four potential areas for further cost cutting

Analysis of G&A costs of global and single country businesses

Description of how cement is made and of the major costs involved