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Global Construction 2030

The report contains historic construction output data and forecasts to 2030 for 112 countries

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Ranking of 112 Countries Construction Markets From an Economic Perspective

5 Rankings in lower legend shown for each country.

1 is the most attractive. 112 is the least attractive

Top 3 Construction Markets Globally Are in Asia. US is 4th

The report ranks 112 countries construction markets, based on their size, growth prospects and the currency risk.


Philippines, India and Bangladesh are the 3 most attractive construction markets globally, followed by the US.


India has attractive rankings for size and growth, but the exchange rate has devalued significantly.


The US’s overall ranking is reduced by its lower growth.


The Philippines scores well under all three measures, hence its No.1 ranking.

2025-2030 Growth Rates

Globally, the volume of construction output is forecast to increase by slightly more in 2024 (+1.2%) than in 2023 (+0.9%) with a slower decline in housing being partially offset by slower growth in non-housing and infrastructure work.

Between 2025 and 2030 global construction volumes will probably increase by around 3% a year, only slightly below GDP growth.

Japan (-0.6% p.a.) is the only one of the 112 countries where we forecast that construction output is likely to decline in 2025-30.

We expect the largest increase in the Ukraine (+27.7% p.a.) and the Lebanon (+15.7% p.a.).

Growth averaging 10% or more is forecast in 8 emerging market countries, led by Democratic Republic of the Congo (+15% p.a.).

Forecast Average Annual Growth Rates 2025-2030 

Constant prices and exchange rates, average change in % p.a.    

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